How To Master Your Cash Flow

All The Way To Financial Freedom

Stressed Person
Stressed Person

Does this sound like you?

Do you ever experience any of these...

  • ​​Do you ever feel like you don't know how your business is tracking?
  • ​Do you feel like you’re flying blind when making decisions?
  • ​Are you ever waiting for customers to pay you before you can pay bills?
  • ​Do you need a business or finance professional but you can’t afford one?

Your are not alone!
Almost all entrepreneurs and business owners have experienced some or all of these - that is why we created this program!  

Imagine this...

  • ​What If you always had enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month?
  • ​ What If you could take those holidays without worrying that your business will fall over without you?
  • ​​What If every time you wanted to increase your income, you knew exactly what to do to make it happen?
  • ​ What if you were well on track to financial freedom and the early retirement you've been working so hard for?
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Cash Flow Masters

  • ​'Cash Flow Masters' is a membership program that focuses exclusively on mastering cash flow and finances to grow profitable, cash flow positive businesses.
  • The program includes 'The Cash Flow Formula' course with templates and step-by-step text and video instructions on how to build your winning cash flow system in 8 weeks or less.
  • ​Access the program online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like...

 Here's what's inside

Cash Flow Masters Program

You should know

The Winning Recipe

The program has four winning elements to help you succeed: 

  • A Proven Cash Flow System
  • ​Expert Mentorship
  • A Like-Minded Community
  • ​Accountability Partners


A Proven SYSTEM...

With 'The Cash Flow Formula' we've taken the guesswork out of finance for you, so you are crystal clear on the important numbers, on what you need to do to achieve the results you want, and on how your business is tracking financially.



For most people experts are out of reach and costly. In this program you have 24/7 access to finance professionals and business mentors who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. We are active in the community, we answer your questions, we host weekly Q&A group calls and we provide e-mail support. This way we can provide expert mentorship to all our members.


A like-minded COMMUNITY...

There is nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by a group of like-minded people that are on the same path, with the same goals, celebrating the same successes. Our online community collaborate, support and encourage each other on a daily basis. If you have a business problem, chances are many of our members have had the same or similar problem and solved it. Our community can be one of the most invaluable resources that you have in your business, and in your life.


Accountability PARTNERS...

Accountability partners hold each other accountable for following through on commitments to make progress towards their goals. We have a dedicated category in the community for "accountability partners" where members team up and find partners to work with. Some form 1:1 relationships and others publicly declare their commitments and are held accountable by the whole group.


The Winning RECIPE!

Having a proven cash flow system to follow, expert business and finance mentorship, being surrounded by a supporting community of like-minded people and being held accountable to achieve your goals, will give you the best chance of success with this program, and with your business.

 The Cash Flow Formula

Course Outline

Week 1


Cash Flow is Queen

We explain the lay of the land, set your foundations and give you a real good understanding of cash flow and why cash flow is more important than profit...

Week 2


Cost of Living & Business Drawings

We determine your Cost of Living so you know how much money you need to draw from your business to go towards paying for your living expenses every month...

Week 3


Master Cash Flow Plan

We determine your business expenses and other outflows, and design your Master Cash Flow Plan so you have a helicopter view of your cash in and outflows for the year...

Week 4


Revenue Plan

We design and implement your Revenue Plan with daily $ and units, pricing strategies and revenue tactics. We implement your Action Calendar so you know the daily actions you need to take to ensure you reach your required revenue goals...

Week 5


Daily Cash Flow Management

We develop and implement your Cash Flow Management Tool so you can plan and manage your daily cash flow and ensure your cash flow system runs smoothly...

Week 6


Debt Management Plan

We develop and implement your Debt Management Plan and strategies so you can accelerate debt repayments and save interest costs...

Week 7


Savings & Investment Plan

We create your Savings & Investment Plan so you can leverage the power of compounding to create your financial freedom plan and exactly how and when you will get there...

Week 8


Optimize & Expand

We squeeze more out of your cash flow system by fine-tuning processes for efficiency and optimising expenses and cash flow timings. Then we do a strategic business analysis so you can expand your business and increase your income...

What our members are ACTUALLY saying...

Toby Parker

Toby jpg

Contract Farming Services

" You have changed my life... Helping me get stuff done and you're so good at  what you do.  I was flying blind before when it came to making decisions like whether we can afford to employ another staff member or purchase new equipment. "

Bella Visser

Bella jpg

Commercial Cleaning Business

" The work we did opened doors for me. I now know exactly how much and where to spend money and was able to build a 6-figure business within the first 12 months. Wouldn't have been able to do it without you. "



Profit on Point help entrepreneurs and business owners take control of their finances and cash flows so they can focus on the business they love ❤️

Profit on Point help entrepreneurs and business owners take control of their finances and cash flows so they can focus on the business they love ❤️

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